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Into the Blue

The life of a young couple goes in the Bahamas, near Ocean murmurs, and the weather is always Warm and sunny. Welcome to paradise! Someone might think-this is paradise on Earth, here is IM lucky!But Jared runs scuba diving instructor, and Samantha serving in the Aquapark. They barely make ends meet spending the bulk of earnings to fix a broken boat. To him comes old pal secured Jared-Bryce with his girlfriend Amanda. Guys having fun and enjoying life.

Welcome to paradise! Making another dive at depth, they unexpectedly find an ancient sunken ship hundreds of years ago. Good money promise antique finds from the vessel and the guys decide to raise the treasures from the seabed.However, not everything goes so smoothly at the site where the ship sank is a sunken plane with a large party of cocaine crashed during a thunderstorm. Guys have to save their lives because the place of the sunken aircraft were searching for the owners of the goods, and they really don't like strangers.

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