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Hero Crime Thriller "Hostage" Jeff Tally was one of the most famous police in Los Angeles, working in SWAT, specotrjade and negotiated with criminals to free hostages. But one day, self-confidence is very much let down by Jeff because killing people. After this incident, the Tally moved to the small town of Bristo Camino, leaving his wife and son in Los Angeles. Now he runs the local sheriff, and his life is calm.

However, fate makes Jeff reminisce about the past work of a negotiator, when three young men are taking over the family of a wealthy accountant Walter Smith in his house. But the guys did not take into account the one Smith runs on powerful mafia, while his home can turn into a veritable fortress and keep hostages locked up. Jeff Tally hard night, because at stake is not only the hostages in the House, but also his family, kidnapped by mobsters for, so to say, effective motivation in the work of the police.

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