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Corpse Bride

Amazing romantic and unusual love story is told in the film directed by Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride" Cartoon Action occur in a small European town during the Victorian era. The wealthy parents of the young guy Victor decided to marry it to a girl from an aristocratic family of Jeverglotov-Victoria. But Van Dorty did not know that the bride's family went bankrupt and has for a long time. Future bride and groom never saw each other, but when Victor and Victoria fell in love with at first sight and realized that simply made for each other. Sudba prigotovila lovers this test.

At the wedding rehearsal, Victor so stirred that escaped into the forest for calming and prepare your wedding vows, and there he was waiting for a real surprise. Victor rehearses the oath and all pronounces them aloud, then puts a ring on a protruding knot, which turned out to be a finger long deceased bride Emily. Awakened from sleep, corpse bride Victor steals the dead to the afterlife, where, to his surprise, life is much more fun and more interesting. Now Viktor will escape from the realm of the dead to return to his beloved bride Victoria. His journey will be long and fun!

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