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The main character of the film "Blind (2017)" is a successful writer. He's happily married. Beautiful wife inspired him to create new literary masterpieces. His paintings are very popular among readers. For his work, the author gets some decent royalties. His relatives do not need the money. Many friends love to come for a visit. Cozy House, a delicious dinner to an eloquent conversation. Nothing foretold trouble, but once a terrible tragedy happened that completely turned the life of the writer. He found himself on the edge of death. They and his wife returned later in the evening with a secular event. Both were in excellent spirits. Suddenly the car a couple of lost control. Dreadful ACCIDENT caused the death of his lover. Women died on the spot. The driver was taken to hospital in a terrible state.

Talented, experienced doctors returned to the poor for life. Now, however, he completely denied the opportunity to see. Blind, lonely man experienced is not the best period in life. It seemed to him that there is no future. His favorite is dead, and he's helpless invalid. He could no longer work as before. Is this the end? Suddenly in the life of the hero of the film, a new acquaintance. She has too many problems. Her husband, a powerful businessman remain behind bars. The new friends quickly find a common language between them knotted friendship, which soon turns into a sincere affection.

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