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This Is England

Criminal Action Drama "This Is England" is set in the year 1983, in a small English coastal town. After the death of the father of the 12-year-old boy Sean Field lives with her mother, has no friends and feels very lonely. On the last day of school, after a fight with a school bully, Sean meets with the company of young skinheads. Company leader Woody gladly takes the boy into the ranks of skinheads, Sean shave his head and put on your normal style: shirt, pants with suspenders and high boots.

Together with new friends Shawn have fun, Gromit abandoned buildings, drinking beer and even falls in love with 18-year-old girl Smell. However, cheerful, light-hearted company life lasts until out of jail does not extend more senior and full-grown skinhead combo, which for a time serving at the prison became an ardent nationalist. His behaviour toWards people of other nationalities and races become extremely violently, but the hero of the film "this is England" continuously follows the Combo until he happens to trouble ...

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