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The Last King of Scotland

Action Crime Drama "The Last King of Scotland" occur in 70-ies in the African State of Uganda. The young native of Scotland, doctor Nicholas Garrigan arrived to work in a small local village. Okazavshi medical care once the President of Uganda Idi Amin, Nicholas was invited to work as his personal physician. Initially, Nicholas shared the desire of the President and his strong-willed decision, he even becomes the closest Adviser of Idi Amin, but then begins to understand that tiranichnyj Amin led the country into terrible decline and total dictatorship.

Massacres committed by the army and the President himself, forced Nicholas to seek ways to escape from the country, but Amin prevented this. The hopelessness of the situation encourages Nicolas all the forces affect the unfolding Horror in the country but zatravlennoe population unable to resist armed army.

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