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Two Lovers and a Bear

The film Lovers and the bear unfolds on territory of a small provincial town on the North Pole. It is very cold here, and, perhaps, it is because of this life here flows very slowly and steadily, and all the people calmly deal with their own affairs. However, Roman and Lucy-young people who fundamentally differ from other residents of this city.

They are hot and burning hearts, they have a lot of plans for the future, they are ready each day to commit Follies, traveling, look for extreme. Probably that is why fate brought them together. Now they are in love with each other and leave, but luckily they have to overcome a lot more vital tests. They have problems in the past, which pulled them back, and in this they have a lot of trouble. However, they are trying to shake up this sleepy town and bestow on each other. Observe their Adventures you can, if you watch the full movie.

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