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Little Miss Sunshine

The phrase, which yields one of the heroes of the comedic Drama "Little Miss Sunshine" perhaps talking about the movie much more than a book review. It sounds like this: "attention all! Just pretend to normal. " The film tells the story of a little girl named olive, which gets a chance to go to a beauty contest and compete for the Grand Prize.

The family Olive spitting, true parents on the verge of divorce, father Richard pays virtually no time Olive and little communicates with her depressive brother Dave, who vow of silence and so complicates the difficult family relationship with them just as suicidal gay Uncle lives Frank and too candid granddaddy-junkie. All are busy with their own problems and only grandfather finds time and helps granddaughter prepare for competition. And here's all the nice family embarks on an old razvalivajushhemsja furgonchike in California, to a little Olive implemented his dream. Their journey will be very exciting!

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