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Gridiron Gang

Talented musician Danny Collins had once conquered the world, flushed a bright star on the music scene and became the idol of millions who adored his songs. During the years of creative activity, he has built good condition, but not for thirty years writes songs and lives in the rays of glory, which is starting to fade. At the next birthday, Danny gets the long awaited gift dreamt long 70-e-letter from John Lennon with wishes to remain true to ourselves and offer of friendship.

This letter so badly affects Danny, leading to a rethinking of the whole life. He understands that for many years has lived in vain, but he still has a second chance to correct the mistakes of the past. Cancelling all concerts, Danny is sent to New Jersey to get acquainted with his adult son Tom, his wife and little granddaughter. At the same time Danny is forging a relationship with his son and charming hotel officer Mary. If he has to take advantage of a second chance?

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