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Clerks II

Comedy movie "Clerks II" keeps on telling about the life of two friends from New Jersey named Dante and Rjenlad. Years passed, young guys have become adult men, noted the fourth ten, but remained all same idlers and lovers of fun. Now friends working together in a small shop in the same district on the outskirts of the city. However, fire deprives Dante and Rjendala favorite work and friends are forced to get in today, serving burgers.

On this life of friends does not stop Dante is going to marry charming girl Emma and move with her to sunny California, where it awaits a nice house and car as your own business. Randal is attempting to bring a friend, telling how good just go with the flow. Had between friends turns into an argument, which addresses vital topics. Exhausted, lost Dante is no longer confident in his choice, he has to make a serious step and find the main reply: "but whether Emma to abandon everything and move to?"

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