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Casino Royale

Probably no man in the world, who would not know who James Bond, Agent 007 he. Feature film "Casino Royale" is 21 film filmed based on the novel by Ian Fleming. He takes us back to the origins of espionage superspy in the days when Bond was in the service of the Queen of Britain.

His first job is to get on the trail of a terrorist organization of world masshaba, obtain the necessary information and to stop the activities of the organization. In its investigations of bond goes to the mighty banker of the underworld-Le Shiffra. At the same time in Montenegro, Les Shiffr arranges a Grand poker tournament at Casino Royale in order to obtain a large sum of money and to repay the Treasury.

British intelligence sends Bond tournament, together with the representative of the Royal Treasury Whisper Lind. The master spy, Agent 007 will fight in the tournament and beat Le Shiffra only their mental abilities, but arsenal always ready with the latest Bond and secret development from hours to a car.

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