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Since ancient times, it was in the caves serenity, which never was unsettling. Since serenity is only cover for Devil's mayhem, which at one point can give itself felt. But the ominous chaos to anyone for a long time was not known. Already dozens of centuries of people was not in caves. But one group of people during his travels yet stumbled on the cave. At first, nothing they did not cause surprise. While the main characters not found in ancient writings. Once was enough for them to look to understand what these letters left people in past centuries. For hundreds of years, the stones kept in a cave — and while a group of people do not know that this is not just a lifeless lump. Since it is the stones and letters on them can start almost irreversible mechanism.

Using a mechanism may open a portal to another dimension — and it is not worth the wait. Only evil can penetrate into the human world through the portal. Unfortunately, people realized this fact too late — when the startup process is to become irreversible mechanism. The main characters are not only for themselves, but doomed and all humanity. Because when the demonic powers are in the human world, they are able to overcome all the boundaries of the human world and get what they need. A group of people aWare that they can now stop evil. Since the main characters started the mechanism and have an idea of how it works, that gives an opportunity to close the portal.

But how many enemies out of it will get before the main characters will be able to do something about it? And that if even a small number of demons will prove sufficient to create universal chaos on Earth? The main characters have no answer to these questions. But they know that escape is pointless. It only remains to launch a bloody hunt for impure force, would manage to be in the human world. Who will prove to be the strongest is evil from another dimension or an armed man?

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