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Blood Diamond

Action Crime Drama "Blood Diamond" occur in one of the most terrible and dangerous corners, not only in Africa but on the ground in Sierra Leone. year 1996, the civil War in full swing, complete chaos reigns in the country, the Government has been fighting with the Revolutionary United Front. To support the opposition, revolutionary front has been actively searching for diamonds.

These Blood Diamond mined sweat and blood simple poor then exchanged for weapons and Warfare. In this chaos runs a full-grown smuggler-mercenary Danny Archer, who is not particularly cares about what is happening in the country. His work is crossing diamonds into Liberia and exchange for weapons. But once Archer encounters a simple fisherman Solomon, whose village slaughtered the rebels, and the family drove off to nowhere.

Archer agrees to help Solomon find his family in Exchange for a huge pink diamond, which he found at forced labor in diamond mine, and manage to hide. So two completely different persons, one of whom is an honest man and the second a hardened criminal is sent in search of the stone, which then will be called blood diamond, because during his exploration and crossing will do a little blood.

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