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The Golden Compass

The plot of the Fantasy film "The Golden Compass" tells the amazing story of the Adventures of 12-year-old British girls Lire, which falls into a Fantasy world where witches rule the Northern skies, polar bears are the most courageous Warriors and soul animal lives close to the soul of a man, not leaving it until his death. In fairy world extended magic, and all are ruled by the mysterious Magisterium, which sought to control all of humanity.

Prevent the insidious plans of the Magistracy could only ancient artefact-the Golden Compass, allowing a glimpse into the future. It falls into the hands of Lira from master of Jordan College of Lord Azrijela, who believes the girl a worthy custodian of values. Since the Golden Compass, Lyra's life turns into one continuous Adventure, with dangerous meetings, artful dodges enemies, noble Gypsy pirates, good witch Seraphine Pekkala, as well as find a protector in the form of a huge polar bear.

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