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The Heartbreak Kid

The film "The Heartbreak Kid" tells the story of a Sports shop owner Jedii. In his personal life he had one setback after another, while his former all successfully married. Tired of love and loneliness fiasco Eddie decides to marry the cute girl Lisle, which signed more than a month. Layla is a beautiful, kind, playful girl for Eddie it is ideal. And that's after the wedding, the newlyweds are sent to the honeymoon. But the honeymoon turned to Eddie to hell.

Layla appeared in a completely different form, showing your true self. From cute establishment, it turned into a real psihovannuju isterichku, with a great love for Sado-extreme sex and whims. But amid such novelty character Eddie notices a beautiful, simple and cheerful girl Miranda, which rests with the family. She then becomes for Eddie girl of his dreams.

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