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Feature film "Stardust" opens for us a fairy tale world where magic reigns and magic, where good triumphs over evil, and definitely love passes through all obstacles and becomes stronger. The plot of the film the story of mere mortal guy named Tristan, who is in love with his girlfriend Victoria.

Together they live in a small village, which is separated by a stone fence from the parallel world of magic and wizardry. Once seen in the sky falling star Tristan gave his word lover get her fallen star, despite the fact that she fell on the other side of the fence. So began the extraordinary Adventures of a young man who went on a long and dangerous path for his dream. Only once in another, magical world, Tristan has known real love, which helped him defeat the evil sorceress, dreaming to become eternally young.

A fantastic fairy tale "Stardust" will give viewers the unusual impressions of a magical world full of mysteries and unusual characters, as well as a remarkable cast of international celebrities.

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