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Spider-Man 3

The plot of film "Spider-Man 3" the viewer can watch again the life of super hero Spider-man, which became a regular student Peter Parker. A few years later, Peter understood that with such a large gift comes great responsibility for their lives and the lives of loved ones and loved ones. Peter learned to live the life of a super hero and the life of the student, it is learning and has developed its relationship with Mary Jane.

But a close friend Harry Osborn darkens events, he still suffers because of his father's death, blaming Spider-man for this. Harry develops a plan of revenge, but this time in a new villain Sandman ... However, this is not the worst off than have to fight Spider-man. Primerjav mysterious black suit he gives vent to his black thoughts, which turn it into a vengeful and cruel antihero. So Spider-man meets his Chief enemy in reflection.

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