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The Kingdom

The main theme of storyline becomes standoff United States and Eastern countries. The object of the American Government underwent a major terrorist attack, and to investigate the case is sent to the command of the armed forces. The fact is that because of the evil deeds of criminals killed about hundreds of workers, and the matter cannot be left unpunished. The military reported that the Crime involved some mysterious fAction leader of the East. Task FBI agents-find this ominous uk leader and deliver it to their country.

Arriving at the flash point, the characters immediately notice the alienation and hostile attitudes of local residents. No one wants to communicate with them. It is no surprise after a long standoff, residents of Eastern countries do not trust nor a representative from America, they better cooperate with terrorists than to trust his enemies. But after a while the military still find a man who is not opposed to chat with them. A local police officer, who also wants to put an end to the Actions of local criminals, he decides to reveal important information. Officer sends FBI officers in dangerous quarter-den of terrorists from which nobody managed to get out alive.

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