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Mr. Bean's Holiday

The odd Mr. Bean takes part in the lottery and WINS. He gets a cash prize of 200 euros, video camera and, most importantly, tour in Cannes. Overjoyed with the victory, Mr Bean goes to Cannes without even knowing how difficult this journey turns out to be. Arriving in France, Bin is late on the train: first he sits down on taxies, which carries it in the wrong direction, then trying to get to the train station on foot, and eventually fails.

When boarding the next train Mr Bean asks another passenger captured it all on camera, and he did not have time to go into the car. It turns out that the passenger was a Russian film director, and now his son Stepan has to go to Cannes in the company of strange Englishman. For their meeting a new barrage of annoying bugs and funny misunderstandings. During his long and ridiculous trip to Cannes to Mr. Binu with Stepan will have to overcome many difficulties and meet new people.

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