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Hostel: Part II

Three young Americans, students at the University, with a nice girl who invites them to relax in Bratislava. The heroine will gladly accept your invitation, deciding to relax and at the same time studying foreign culture. Arriving in Bratislava, the girls settle in Hostel is an old hotel. They begin to get acquainted with the city and local residents, without even knowing that you are in trouble. Turns out, they have to become human beings. Even before they went to Bratislava, their photographs were put up for auction.

Buyers are influential businessmen and politicians from around the world who sicken the benefits that came to power. That is why they are a club that guarantees the fulfillment of the most terrible and inhuman desires, and whose members are marked with a tattoo of a Beagle on her arm. Now body girls are considered the property of the Club, and with them will go the way they decide the winners of the auction.

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