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The protagonist of the film secret agent number 47, which was hired to execute a very serious order: he must kill the Russian President. Agent 47 successfully carries out the order, but everything is difficult. First client refuses to pay, demanding to get rid of the witness of a Crime-the Russian prostitutes, but then it turns out that all this is just an excuse. The real purpose of the customer is to win a little bit of time to get rid of the artist and thus remove all traces.

At the same time, the media reported that the Russian President was wounded and death overtook his twin. Agent 47 seeks to simultaneously reach the customer and complete your mission on the assassination of the President. It prevented the FSB agents and Interpol, but relief comes from the CIA. What ultimately will this tangled and where will prove to be one of the best killers on the planet? Whether he can complete his mission and escape from looking for it.

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