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Hannibal Rising

Hannibal Lecter is perhaps the best known and most treacherous maniac from all that ever walked the Earth. Top FBI analysts were unable to penetrate the mysteries of his mind and figure out who this Hannibal: psychopath, sociopath or just bored highbrow, cruel and brutal with bizarre culinary tastes. They probably just didn't know the History of Hannibal Lecter, which unfolds in this film. Hannibal came from a family of Lithuanian aristocrats, who during the years of World War II, took refuge in a hunting lodge, where they had hoped to wait out the fighting.

After the death of Hannibal's parents and his little sister found themselves in solitude, and when their hunting lodge found Lithuanian soldiers, in the life of the boy began. He endured the death of his sister, bullying Lithuanians childhood in a Soviet orphanage and the flight to France, where he lived Uncle Hannibal. All this time his forces had uncontrollable lust for revenge, but in my head ripe plan retaliation, striking their cruelty.

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