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Ghost Rider

Once Mephistopheles, seeking a contract for a thousand souls of San Venganza, a small town in the American Wild West, commissioned this job ghost rider. Rider, being cursed Bounty Hunter, refused to give the contract to the devil and disappeared. One hundred and fifty years later, Johnny Blaze, who brilliantly led the motorcycle and Stuntman, is faced with a difficult choice. His father is dying of lung cancer, so when Johnny Mephistopheles appears, offering to rescue the father in Exchange for his soul, he agrees to after some hesitation.

Mephistopheles is not cheating Johnny: the father and the truth heals miraculously, but very soon he dies in an accident. Grieving and angry Johnny makes Mephistopheles claim and States that it does not intend to give the soul, but the demon replied that it had fulfilled its end of the bargain. This means that Johnny will have to obey and become a servant of Mephistopheles.

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