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Cars 3

The main protagonist of the animated film "cars 3" race car Lightning McQueen, who lives in a world where all cars are able to see, hear, feel and talk. McQueen loves racing and speed, and he has not won a very important race-the cup of the Large piston. However, McQueen was quite arrogant and combative, but everything changed after he got into a small chance car town Radiator Springs on Highway 66.

There he found new friends: a wise Master tractor, capable to give him good advice, a former racer, gone from the Sport due to the accident, as well as the charming blue typewriter Sally to which Mcqueen immediately felt sympathy-you can learn if you watch the movie "cars" 3 online. After the Adventure, experienced together, Lightning McQueen decided to stay to live in this town, helping his new buddies. But ahead of his expected new Adventures associated with racing because racing is life all the wheelbarrows, and new friends are always ready to come to his aid.

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