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Dead Silence

In his native town of Jamie Jeshena occurred the eerie legend about a sinister and her dolls. If you believe the rumors, old Mary Shaw once was brutally murdered and now craves vengeance so every child should fear its return. Jamie, like most other locals, never attached much importance to this legend, and after moving to a large city it does look smoother from its memory. But the nightmare has returned in all its glory, when Jamie's wife named Lisa died under mysterious circumstances.

On the same day when the husband found Lisa dripping blood in their own home, at Jeshenov came up with a strange premise, in which lay a ventriloquist doll sent by an unknown sender. Jamie turns out to be a suspect in the case of the death of his wife and decides to participate in the search for the culprit. Go to your hometown and met with her father, which haven't seen Jamie once again faced with the old legend about the old woman Mary Shaw.

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