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Based on an ancient legend story comes to life with the help of new technologies. Events take place in Denmark in the early medieval times-in the 6th century, when King Hrotgar arranged the celebration of the completion of the Heorota- honeymoon room. Sounds fun holiday awaken Grendelja, a terrible monster that attacks people out and killing them. Then Grendel returns to the demon water-his mother and the King attempted to cause monster to fight to the death, closes Heorot and proclaims to give away half their treasures brave soldier who kills the monster.

Soon the land Hrotgara comes the Warrior Beowulf and gotskie Warriors. Beowulf intends to comply with the will of the King and destroy Grendelja and soon hurt the monster. But this is not the end, and Beowulf are waiting for new tests, including meeting with the mother of monsters, the loss of his men and fierce battles against dark forces. It is known that Hrotgare lies a terrible curse.

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