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Across the Universe

Lucy and Jude met in the late 1960 's, when the Vietnam War began to affect all sectors of American society, and young people may not be able to distinguish truth from falsehood, and right-and what is not. Jude came to United States from distant Liverpool, to find his father, and met with him at Princeton University, learned that the General did not know about the existence of the son. It was there that Jude met with Max Kjerriganom, who became his friend, and sister of Max Lucy.

Leaving University Max followed Jude in New York, where they rented an apartment and joined the company as such, freedom-loving young people. Max started to work as a taxi driver, Jude turned into artist, their neighbours have become an aspiring singer, guitarist and a girl from Ohio. When a young man killed in Vietnam Kerrigan Lucy, she decided to join my brother and his friends in New York. After Lucy moved to New York in the lives of young people have become major changes.

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