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30 Days of Night

BARROW, a small town in Alaska, prepares to relive the most unpleasant time of year-polar night for a period of one month. On the eve of the 30-day period to the shores of night approaches the unknown ship. Soon all communication between the town and the outside world are violated and Sheriff Eben Oleson is starting to work.

How should we look at this case it encouraged in addition to duties and personal motives: Ebony ex-wife, Stella Oleson, for whom he still has feelings, missed the plane and stayed in Barrow for the next 30 days. Hence, Eben should understand the reasons of the incident and the possibility to protect our citizens. The solution turns out to be simple and at the same time, incredible: Barrow, with its polar night drew attention to simple Marauders, and most real vampires. They can't wait to dine at the buffet, in which the city will turn to after dark, and Eben would prove to be among the few defenders of the citizens.

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