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The Hurt Locker

On the War in Iraq, explosive ordnance disposal team members risk their lives every day. After Sergeant Thompson is killed while trying to defuse an improvised explosive device, the group headed by William James arises. Initially, between him and Sergeant Senborn, who together with Jeldridzhem is a member of the group, the relationship is not working. Sergeant James bears no resemblance to the previous Commander: he himself is looking for trouble and deliberately risked their safety and the safety of its people.

Over time, however, Senborn and Eldridge are beginning to better understand James: in the midst of a brutal War, when danger lurks at every turn, the only thing that remains is the fear of death and go make an appearance around that does nothing special. The choice of James is not tied to anyone and no one does not regret. But if the War ends, and the officers go home, what will happen with them, survivors of hell?

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