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The Dark Knight

Bruce Wayne, a superhero and defender of Gotham City, known as Batman, weighs his position hero, standing on the other side of the law. He is going to do away with the Mystery of life, because it understands that the city needs not in violation of the law, "Dark Knight" Batman, and in a man wrestling with Crime through legal means, not hiding behind the mask of his face. Such a "Dark Knight" could become incorruptible Prosecutor Harvey dent.

Bruce feels enormous interest to him, and that, in turn, wondered whether acts of Batman. The Prosecutor believes that Batman is engaged in good deeds, and Bruce thinks of Prosecutor comes out perfect replacement superhero and a great example for the people of Gotham City. But when in a new villain-maniac Joker, with his face disfigured and scarred closed mask-the life of both the defenders of the city varies greatly. New enemy-concentrated evil that can not only destroy the heroes, but also open their natural dark side.

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