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The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Benjamin Button was the most ordinary person: during his long life he managed to go on a journey around the world, find love, make friends, relive joys and frustrations, but gave no History and no known all over the light. And yet something featured Benjamin from other people: the fact of the matter is that he was born an old skin looking baby. Childbirth took away the lives of Benjamin's mother, and his father, after seeing that for a son was born, was horrified and planted a child on the threshold of retirement homes.

The adoptive mother of Benjamin became the dark-skinned Tizzi Weavers working nurse and cares for the sick elderly in the last years of their lives, as well as dead. Contrary to all expectations, over time, a strange child Benjamin, receiving the surname "Button" was better. In 1925, he who has attained the age of 7, learned to walk. In subsequent years, Benjamin waited for new discoveries, encounters and separation.

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