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The Bad Batch

The main characters are inseparable since childhood because of their adventurous characters, together they come up with many different Adventures and always left them with an enviable success, not even managing to get an earful from parents. And all because they came up with that character, on which you can dump all their sins and come out dry from the water. Grown up and grown stronger, they do not abandon their dreams, because they were convenient to live all these years, why break something that is already built.

The film "The Bad Batch" gives moments of laughter to viewers who want to see what might end the story of two guys started even in his early years. Innocent joke at that age have grown into artful Plexus into adulthood, when the main characters decide to cheat on their wives and all the blame again is a fictional character, but already for this purpose hired a professional actor who must bring the second halves that all telling friends the truth.

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