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Youth in Revolt

Nick is shy and awkWard young man who lives with his mother and her boyfriend in the Californian City of Oakland. Go together with them on the Lake, he first met Shini Sanders-a cute and charming girl of his years, enthusiastic French culture and separates the Musical preferences of Nick. Despite the fact that Tires already have a young man they Nickname first become close friends, and then begin to meet with each other.

When Nick comes time to return home, in Auckland, and they All leave, young people promise to each other see you soon. But how do we ensure that Nick left alone and released live by itself? Everything is very simple-it is necessary to force the mother to kick him out of the House, and to achieve this good purpose might well be pondering the most crazy things: for example, crashing into the restaurant by car of her boyfriend. True, it is unclear whether Nick will not desirable and whether its Actions against them with Tires.

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