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The Food Guide to Love

Oliver Byrne - is a restaurant critic, about him in Dublin walks fame, as a great Wizard, my articles he can spread the reputation of the restaurant to the nines or pick it up from scratch. Oliver is all about than he can only dream of, the favorite work, very good salary and of course the glory, he is often invited on television and he leads a weekly columnist in the magazine. But, unfortunately, not Brin life style, release from fans he has no, but here's a suitable Oliver find extremely difficult.

They live, like in a fairy tale a few months and then everything falls apart before our eyes. Apparently the restaurant criticism is necessary radically another woman and he once such encounters! Beautiful and charming Spanish Bibiana, she is an expert in international law and contemporary art, very smart and stylish. Moreover, she believes she and Oliver's indifferent to his glory. It seems Oliver found TU only.

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