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All reporters openly or secretly dream of the day when they will fall into the hands of a real sensation, however not all ready, that sensation will find them itself and proves to be a very real danger. When Angel Vidal, working a tv reporter and her cameraman have been asked to remove a story about the work of the firefighters, retiring at night, they were preparing for a routine, but everything went otherwise. Shortly after dating Angela and its operator with firefighters entered office a call asking for help is a kind old lady living in the old House, raised a ruckus.

Upon arrival, firefighters and television convinced that what's happening here is wrong: first mentioned the old woman rushed at them, trying to bite, and then it turned out that the House is surrounded by droves of police officers and biologists, and exit impossible. In the old walls of multistory building began to rapidly spread the mysterious virus that turns people into rabid monsters, and the chances of Angela and her companions survive declined with each passing moment.

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