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Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

The main characters at the beginning of the movie is not yet familiar with each other. He is a pretty humble guy, still facing disconnection from last long. In his spare time he is engaged in his own rock band, which is gradually gaining prominence. She is the daughter of a wealthy father, Mike. The girl did not want to live on Daddy's money and trying to just reach itself. Nick and Nora have never met, but she is already in love with him in absentia is one of their girlfriends beauty came across multiple discs with music by Guy and began to hear them to holes.

Both the hero love to listen to music, the mysterious group "Bunny", which anyone and never Warned about his concerts, but constantly collects sell-out. After the speech, the musicians, the time comes to wonderful dating Nora asks a stranger from the bar introduce her lover to seemingly girlfriend, and that turns out to be the former girlfriend of rock and roll. Well, you guessed it-the stranger's name is Nick. The plot twists and begins an intriguing love story.

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