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Journey to the Center of the Earth

Trevor Anderson-scholar, which most colleagues consider insane. Trevor tries to find her missing brother, travelling through Iceland, along with nephew Sean. Brother left behind a book, which told of a journey to the center of the Earth, giving her story marks. Exploring tagging, Trevor and Sean discover that living in Iceland known professor who can help them, but on the ground, it turns out that the long dead.

True, he has a daughter-Hanna, who decides to hold Sean and Trevor to the extinct volcano, the crater of which, if you believe the missing scientist notes, leads to an amazing underground world. The path of Heroes catches thunderstorm, and they find themselves in a cave, which is littered with boulders. Looking for another way at surface of Trevor, Sean and Hannah are first in abandoned mines, where to find deposits of diamonds, and then-and in a mysterious but beautiful underground world, which is inhabited by the amazing and dangerous creatures.

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