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Quantum of Solace

In the center of the storyline were two American families. Two very different brothers find a solution, to have dinner together. One simple teacher. Teacher many years life giving away education, devoted himself to the disciples. Now he found himself on the street without a job. Its close cousin made a dizzying career politics. Soon the man becomes the Prime Minister. Official stubbornly walked to his cherished dream. Kins long not seen, so decided not to postpone the meeting. Luxury restaurant must be a wonderful place for a quiet family dinner.

One of the best agents of British intelligence, irresistible James Bond, following the events of "Casino Royale" was in a difficult situation. Hard to get away from the bodyguards seized them Mr Whyte, bond got to Sienne asylum MI-6. During the interrogation, it emerged that the Organization has taken its roots everywhere: her agent turned out to be one of the bodyguards of m, which ripped off the questioning and died while trying to escape. As a result of the search of the apartment of the deceased infiltrators agents found many labeled notes that have been associated with Le Shiffrom and transferred to a bank in Haiti, more precisely, at the expense of Edmund Slejta. Go to track bills, Agent 007 has arrived in Port-au-Prince and there met not only with Mr Slejtom, but also with nice Camilla adopt a Bond for a completely different person. These two meetings were followed by one of those Adventures that make life a restless James Bond-special operation, full of unexpected twists and turns, shoot-outs and chases.

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