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Michael Peterson spent his entire life dreaming of glory. The desire to become really famous always obscure everything else and put Michael in the forefront. True, sing, dance or play the scene he couldn't, so its way to success he had yet to find. Since childhood Michael had many problems with compliance order: at school, he fought with classmates and teachers, and was not receiving the first work in his life, took advantage of it to commit first offence. After the robbery postal station Michael turns out to be in jail and there finally finds herself.

Conditions of detention it is not disquieted, and the presence of nearby guards means only one thing-there is always rebelling against and let the fists. Bosses moves it from one prison to another, until it turns in an institution where he found a very special application. Now the challenge of Michael who has a name for Bronson, is participating in violent battles with security guards.

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