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X-Men Origins: Wolverine

History of the great hero from the world of mutants begins in the year 1845. James Howell with his half-brother Victor Krid in childhood found that possess supernatural abilities. After James passion killed the father, brothers escaped from home and traveled together for a long time. They survived several Wars and have always supported each other, until the start of the Vietnam War. After one of the officers was killed during a military operation, James and Victor was sentenced to death by firing squad and executed.

The ability to regenerate brothers saved them both, and for a time they had spent in detention. Learned about them-Colonel William Stryker, gathers a team of mutants to help find wreckage of a mysterious meteorite, which crashed to Earth in Nigeria. James very quickly moved away from the cases because he did not like the methods that used squad members. A few years later, however, he will have to face violence and being subjected to major changes.

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