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Where the Wild Things Are

Max for nine years, he has no father, and he lives with his sister and mother. Relations with the sister he was not the best, and Max very often feels loneliness and resentment, but the mother is not always provides him with the necessary support. Once Max escapes from home and turns on the pond, where he sits in a boat and after a long journey arrives at the island where the wild things are. This strange beasts, and Shaggy fanged, seven of them, and they're all much more Max.

He tells the magic that is the King and can bring peace into their lives. Monsters appointed Max their King and acquaint it with the rest of the inhabitants of the island. It offers new subjects to build a large fortress, and this idea is perceived by the inhabitants of the island with enthusiasm. Now Max found the place where it is appreciated and always ready to listen, but whether he can really bring peace to the island of monsters? Because in reality he has no magical powers, Yes and homesickness eventually makes itself known.

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