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In a parallel reality of superheroes is not a figment of human imagination, and the same citizens, as the guardians of law and order. In America 1985 year superheroes live on an equal basis with others, and because they have no special abilities, this work is not easy. Perhaps the only one of the characters possess supernatural powers-Dr. Manhattan, subjected to the effects of radiation and are now able to create your own clone and traveling in space, as well as with tremendous force.

After one of the characters was killed, his former colleague-hero in mask named Rorschach begins investigation into the circumstances of his death and learns about the existence of a conspiracy aimed at discrediting the superheroes of the past and the present. In the world of the coming global catastrophe: that's between them will face world powers, and in the fire of War, millions of people. Rorschach is associated with other heroes-curators, each of whom struggles with his own demons.

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