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The Lovely Bones

In 1973 year Selmonov family through the difficult times. Fourteen-year-old daughter Suzy was the victim of a brutal serial killer who abducted and killed her. After the death of Suzy refuses to leave paradise because misses relatives so that it rests on the ground and come into contact with Ruth-a girl who now feels the presence of the deceased child. Having settled in their own little world, Suzie continues to monitor people who were her road. Her parents go crazy with grief and trying to learn what happened to their daughter.

But it comes to a standstill, because the corpse Suzy stored at home, the killer never found, and this means that there is no corpus delicti. And even when a mother Suzy moved to start a new life, and father Jack understands what could be his daughter's killer, nothing changes. Suzy, which monitors Ruth and others, as well as the burning family to be the new test: all they have to come to terms with what happened and find peace.

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