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Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New Orleans

Terrence Mcdonagh live in New Orleans and worked in the police force. He is the hereditary defender of the law, who took the baton from their ancestors and has earned almost perfect reputation. Love it friends, respected colleagues, and bosses can always rely on him. But few can imagine that police MakDonah Terrence is impeccable and second life, and that in fact its attractive appearance is only the mask, behind which lurks a completely different person. In fact, Terrence-addict involved in drug trafficking and theft.

He is a passionate player and lover of entertainment, which is not so principialensh as they see others. When bosses directs MakDonahu new business, he understands that to cope with their inclinations will not be easy. Terrence should investigate the horrific murder of Senegalese emigrants who settled in New Orleans, and this means that at the time of the dark side of his nature is to be tamed.

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