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Couple dreams of addition in the family long ago, but their attempt to bring the child comes to an end the tragedy: the child dies, without having been born. Having reconciled to this failure, they decide to take the orphan on education. Having visited a shelter, they pay attention to little Esther – the nice little girl, whose parents were lost as a result of the fire not so long ago. Having adopted Esther and having arrived home, parents notice that around inexplicable events start occurring.

At first at a playground there is an accident as a result of which the schoolmate Esther sneering at it suffers. Then the sister of young mother dies, then the children's lodge on a tree burns down. All these events are connected with Esther and secret which she hides. Business all that Esther not the so little girl, but the woman of 33 years having a strange illness: growth of her body stopped, and she hides it, wearing children's dresses and pretending to be the child. What aims she pursues and why around people die?

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