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My Sister's Keeper

Brian and Sara Fitzgerald's life changed once and for all when it appeared that their beloved daughter Kate is sick with leukemia. Maintenance of her life requires continuous treatment: courses of chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplantation and other operations, impossible without donor with suitable characteristics. Informal council of the treating doctor becomes a peculiar solution: he suggests Sara and Brian to conceive in a test tube of the child who will become the ideal donor for Kate.

So Brian and Sara's second daughter – Anna Fitzgerald was born, the healthy girl is four years younger than the sister. For many years the world and love reigned in the family which faced serious test: despite circumstances under which Anna was born, Sara equally loved the daughters, and the relations between sisters weren't saddened by that fact that Anna had to be a donor for Kate. Everything changed when Kate was necessary a renal transplantation, and Anna declared that she isn't ready to go to such serious victim, and in case of need will file a lawsuit against parents.

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