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My Bloody Valentine

Ten years ago in the small American town which economy completely depends on coal mining, there was a bloody tragedy: one of miners appeared the maniac and killed many staff of hospital in which was, and also the teenagers who went to mines properly to have fun. Among those teenagers there was Tom – the son of the owner of mines, and soon after the tragedy he which is morally cracked left the hometown. Now the father Thomas died, and the young man comes back home to sell mines.

Nobody is glad to it: locals don't want sale of mines, and the ex-girlfriend Toma and love of all his life is married to the sheriff now. Tom wishes to deal as soon as possible with affairs – he is tormented still by headaches, and he takes medicine to facilitate the state. When in the town a new series of bloody murders begins, the sheriff begins searches of the criminal. Really the maniac who ten years ago arranged bloody slaughter returned?

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